I thought it would be a good idea to put together a little story of how CFEN all started and how we have grown. We are lucky enough to have many founding members at the gym who walked in on day 1. So this article gives them the chance to look back and see where we have come and gives new and potential members a chance to see how it all started! The whole idea of opening a CrossFit facility came back in 2013 whilst I was serving in the Royal

In October I left my 9-5 desk job working for a global brand with over 280,000 employees and became the first full time employee as a coach at CrossFit East Northants, quite a change. The decision had been made months before, but the first day of not wearing a suit to work was still very strange and I found myself looking at the gym clock at 8:30 thinking I was going to be late for work! I had been training at CFEN for almost exactly a year when I joined