CrossFit Kids? More like CrossFit Ninjas!

Back in April 2017 Coach Ash and I travelled down to London to take part in the CrossFit Kids speciality training course.

Our first Kids class!

Monday 9th of Jan 2017 was our first ever CrossFit Kids class with Coach Jack taking on the coaching responsibilities initially! Once Ash and I had completed our training we were ready to start delivering classes, I’m not sure who was more nervous, us or the kids!!

“Coaching both the Kids and Teens has been a real eye opener”

They are at an age where they have absolutely no fear, they will take on any challenge, do any exercise without any embarrassment, fear or hesitation. It’s such an awesome example for the adults to follow. As we get older we tend to lose that fearlessness and become more cautious.

Kids LOVE Burpees!

We also quickly came to realise that the Kids and Teens can deal with so many things that the adult bodies just can’t. Like loads of forward rolls, getting upside down at every opportunity and yes, kids LOVE burpees!!

CrossFit can have a huge beneficial effect on kids development. For example bone density can be positively affected by jumping and landing. The vestibular system (responsible for balance) is developed through all of the game based balance work, tumbling and rolls! So not only are the classes fun but the Kids and Teens are helping their own development without even realising!

CrossFit Kids and Adults Assault Course

One great transfer has been the adults watching the Kids and Teens doing all of their different activities. For example, the assault course. So many adults have seen and loved the kids assault courses. So we threw one in as a warm up for the adults, it was awesome seeing people throwing themselves into the race and crawling around the gym!

The adults have enjoyed some of the aspects that have come across from the Kids and Teens training approach. In particular the warm up games that we’ve implemented from the very beginning of ShireFit!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

On top of the physical benefits there have been some huge emotional and psychological benefits to the Kids and Teens. The changes have been immense! During the first few weeks the Teens were unsure about interacting with each other or whether they would enjoy the training.


Our CrossFit teens were shy and quiet! Now they rush in early (And often run from school) for class, to practice different things, play on the gymnastic rings, throw a ball around and generally just have fun!

They are learning team work, work ethic, how to support each other, how to deal with adversity and unknown tasks and most importantly how they can have fun with exercise!

Seeing the development of both the Kids and Teens over the last few months has been awesome and it’s an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to train the next generation, keep up the good work you little legends!!

Coach Ed