What’s your why?


As the gym has grown and we continue to add people from all walks of life into our community,

I realised that everyone looks at training differently and has different reasons for why they want to train. Some people do it for health, some for fun and others to actually compete.

Now the problem with the different reasons is the fuzzy area in-between. Are you someone that is training to compete or have fun? Or do you want to improve your health and make some new friends. Now your reason doesn’t matter. I think the most important factor is actually understanding YOUR ‘why’.

Once you see this, you can actually start to gain a better understanding on how you’re going to continue on your own journey. Now goals change and they often change pretty quickly but everyone has a core intention!

As an example I started CrossFit because I loved the idea of pushing myself and enjoyed the unknown and challenging aspect. I found it quantifiable meaning I could actually keep track of how I was getting on and as most of you know its…….. rather additive. I then started to compete and went around Europe and the UK competing for a good 3/4 years. Opening ShireFit meant my priorities changed and my goals changed but I didn’t change my mindset with that. I was still training and putting myself under a whole lot of pressure. Guess what happened? I stopped enjoying training! The sole reason why I started it!!

My next step was to actually take a step back and realise that my priority was now to grow the business and help more people improve and get fitter. So I started to join in with classes and stop doing my own sessions. Pretty quickly I realised why I loved CrossFit. The teamwork, the ability to train and be around like minded people and the actual fun of it!

So what can you actually take away from this?

Well from my experience I would say don’t take training too seriously (Unless you’re an Olympic athlete or going to the Games). The stress you can put yourself under can firstly have a negative affect on your performance and secondly stop you enjoying your hobby.

For the majority of us training is a chance to improve your health, have some fun and be in a social environment with friends. Don’t allow the stress of a local competition, the stress of getting a muscle up or the stress of how fast you went in a workout affect that.

Your health is the most important thing you have!

Look after your injuries, continue to improve it and finally use it. There is a reason we organise different exercise related socials and occasional eating and drinking ones. We want you to use your fitness that you’ve all developed.

My problem with understanding my training was I would never look back at how far I have come. My first experience with CrossFit was the workout ‘Fran’. 21 -15 – 9 Thrusters and pull ups. I couldn’t use the recommended weight so did push press with the odd half squat and it took me 11 minutes. I can now do that workout with the required weight and reps in under a quarter of the time.

I challenge you to look back at when you first walked in and remember what you could do.

If you cant, come and ask me, as for some odd reason I can remember most of the members first experience and how they got on! Right back to our first ever session! An 8 minute AMRAP of 20 Wall Balls and 10 Burpees…….

Improving, getting better and having goals is really important to training and life in general. You should always strive to be a better version of yourself. But….. don’t let that be at a detriment to everything else. Keep working hard, enjoy it, create loads of memories and have loads of laughs along the way!

I feel so lucky to have such an awesome group of members and now an awesome team working with me to improve what we do. So if you do have goals or things you want to do, grab one of the team and ask! We are all there to help you as much as we can.


  • Dont Stress
  • Keep training hard
  • Ask the coaches for help
  • Have the occasional cheat meal
  • Use your fitness OUTSIDE of the gym
  • Get involved with all of our socials
  • Laugh, smile and have some fun!


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