The New Program

The last 6 months have been full of change and something I’ve definitely found hard to deal with. We have hired more staff, invested more into ShireFit and opened a 2nd location. 

My personal aim is to open ShireFit locations and have them all replicate the same energy, atmosphere and standards that we set! 

Anyway, with all this change I’ve been lucky to have an awesome team there helping and leading the way!

We still have more exciting things happening at ShireFit and as usual we are continuing to find ways to make the experience better and better for our members. 

One of which is our latest training App. I’ve been working and looking for a new app to allow members to track their training. One thing I had noticed was members weren’t acknowledging their PB’s and often didn’t know them. 

I’ve been through the situation so many times where I hadn’t set goals and wasn’t tracking my training correctly. What happens? You lose motivation! 

The 3 pillars to successful training: 

Have Fun 

Have short and long term goals 

Have accountability and support 

The partnership with BoxMate is giving you the ability to do just that!

Our newest program starts tomorrow. 3 months long (12 weeks)! Our programs always have the core aim of increasing your GPP or general physical preparedness. AKA make you as all rounded as possible. We want you to have the ability to run long distances, complete different gymnastic moves, Lift heavy weights well and do lots of burpees…. yes lots of them! 

One thing we received through feedback from the members was that some people felt that if they could already do the movements we were teaching, they weren’t being challenged. Completely understand! To counter this some of the sessions will offer a teach on a movement and some work capacity training for those that can already do them. As an example: 

Skill work = Bar Muscle Ups 

1) Understanding Hanging and correct grip 

2) The beat swing and do the maintain tension and position

3) Practicing pulling back on bar and firing hips 

4) Catching over the top of bar. 

Skill work part 2 = Complete a 6 minute AMRAP Of: 

50m Run 

1-2-3-4-5…. Bar Muscle Up 

This allows you to challenge your skills and begin to apply them in different situations.

BUT remember even if you can do the movements it doesn’t mean you don’t need to be coached. Learn as much as you can and build on the basics. Never get ahead of yourself and be always be willing to listen and learn. 

So the final specifics of the new cycle. We have now created named workouts that will pop in the programming allowing you to retest scores and track your improvements.

Over the next 3 months you’ll see an increase in the volume of lifting and olympic lifting. All of these things will be tested along the way. We want to see an increase to your base level strength like squats and presses, whilst you improve and apply your technique in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

The two things we want to help you achieve in gymnastics are the handstand and the pull up. These will be upscaled by looking at the handstand walk and muscle up! (All the cool skills).

The average WOD time in the program is 11 minutes. Which hints towards a continued increase in aerobic capacity. The important thing is to listen to the coaches aims for the WOD. Is it about being controlled and taking to easy/paced? Or is it time to put the foot down and chase real intensity? The coaching team are briefed on every session so they will know exactly what you need!

So enjoy the brand new App! Track your training! Get involved with the ShireFit community and keep being awesome!

Proud Owner,

Jack Fleckney

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  1. Sarah Long on 15th July 2018 at 11:24 pm

    Eeeek! Exciting times!!

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