Our Story

Back in 2013 we had the idea to change the fitness space. Could we bring all the things that make a great training environment together to make the ultimate gym? This is where ShireFit was born. What did we want to do? 

We wanted a gym to be a place where you felt at home, a place you could work hard, receive the best support and most importantly made fitness fun! But this is just the start for ShireFit! 

We started ShireFit in a warehouse with hardly any equipment but a huge passion to help others improve and that is what still fuels us today! Just a few years later and we have multiple locations all distinctly ShireFit but unique with different timetables, awesome coaches and the best equipment. 

Our Vision


Build your 2nd Home

You're not just a number! Our team cares and with our low membership numbers, we know you. We strive to create an environment where you feel comfortable to train, relax and make new friends!


Make Fitness a lifestyle

We want you to have everything you need and want to make ShireFit part of your lifestyle. Under one roof you can join multiple different classes, get nutritional advice and training, see a physio, get PT and even grab the best coffee around to sit and work.


Professionalise Fitness

The traditional functional fitness gym is known for being hidden in a dirty old space. We want to change this! Bringing you the best training space, reception, work area and changing rooms to fit the awesome training.


Make Fitness Fun

To get results you have to work hard. Period! But that doesn't mean it can't be fun. We spend hours every week planning the best sessions for you. Making training varied, engaging and fun. Don't believe us? Try a Free Class to see what we mean.


Jack Fleckney


"Thanks for spending the time to find out a little about ShireFit. As you can see we are so hungry to offer the best product.


In 2013 I left the Royal Marines to open ShireFit with one sole aim. I want to make a difference. But this isn’t just my goal anymore its OURS.

Our team want to help you achieve your goals because we care.

I love telling people about our story so please feel free to pop me an email with any questions you have team@shire.fit.

But the best thing to do is come and check it out for your yourself and become part of the ShireFit Community."