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Welcome to the ShireFit Family!

ShireFit was built on the foundation of wanting to help and educate as many people as we can. We were founded in 2015 building principles of Support, Community and Fitness. If you’re looking to train in a fun, supportive environment then you’ve found the right place!

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"I cannot say enough about the atmosphere and my experience here at ShireFit. The team runs an amazing gym with a passion you can feel as you walk in the door. The programming is well planned and challenging for all abilities, then it is executed with great precision amongst the entire class.

There is no ego here, no one shows up dreading the WOD. Everyone here is friends, probably more like family, and treats you as such from your first day!

This kind of coaching and community is what brought Crossfit to where it stands today. Jack and the crew at ShireFit set a precedence I've yet to see at any other gym, congrats guys."
‘Trevor Taylor’


Jack Fleckney

Jack left the Royal Marines to open ShireFit in 2015. His sole aim was to be able to help people and make a difference. He now works hard to continue to offer ShireFit to a bigger audience, whilst constantly improving what we do for our members!

Courtney Williams

Head of Media
Courtney is our creative genius and your first point of call when contacting us! Always bringing positivity everywhere he goes, be sure to grab one of his famous coffees and have your smile ready as he runs all of our social media!

We do things differently

When you walk through our door you become part of our family! We are here to help you on your journey towards your goals. From day one we program your training, coach you throughout every session and keep a track on everything you're doing.

Learn the best techniques
Join a community
Progress towards your goals

Hannah Mahon

My husband and our 3 boys joined ShireFit last November. As a family ShireFit has changed our whole mindset regarding exercise. We have learnt that it can be fun, and it is something we can all do together.
As a community everyone wants you to achieve your goals, whether you are an elite athlete or really unfit. The coaching staff are second to none. They provide the guidance and support you need to keep moving and achieving on your CrossFit journey.