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The New Program

By Jack | 15th July 2018

The last 6 months have been full of change and something I’ve definitely found hard to deal with. We have hired more staff, invested more into ShireFit and opened a 2nd location.  My personal aim is to open ShireFit locations and have them all replicate the same energy, atmosphere and standards that we set!  Anyway,…

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What’s your why?

By Jack | 16th February 2018

  As the gym has grown and we continue to add people from all walks of life into our community, I realised that everyone looks at training differently and has different reasons for why they want to train. Some people do it for health, some for fun and others to actually compete. Now the problem…

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Learning As We Go

By Jack | 26th January 2018

Life is a funny thing, full of highs, lows and different experiences. What I’ve quickly realised is your reaction to all of these things is the most important part of it all. That’s what really dictates how you continue to move forward. If you’ve read ‘The Birth of CFEN’ Then you’ll know the story of how…

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The CrossFit Plateau

By Jack | 9th October 2017

Ive been involved with CrossFit for over 6 years now and have been training for over 13 years! Through this time Ive made hundreds of mistakes and I have also experienced times where I didn’t seem to improve! I know you have probably experienced this yourself in life and training! So how do you get…

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Why Are Social Events So Important?

By Jack | 21st September 2017

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that the ShireFit socials are always an epic occasion! They are so important to the community, as it brings us all together and allows you to meet people you wouldn’t necessarily see at the box. We’ve had a whole different range of socials in the…

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4 Ways to Control Fear!

By Jack | 15th September 2017

Over the last 15 years I have spent time in professional sports establishments, the armed forces and recently in the world of business (For which I’m learning a hell of a lot) and I often try and use these experiences to help make decisions. One of the things I realised over time was that if…

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The Science Of Coffee

By Jack | 17th August 2017

There’s a lot more that goes in to a cup of coffee than what you see. It’s not just Grind, Pour and Serve to get the best caffeine fix around! To get the perfect Espresso shot (Not, Expresso) it requires maths, actual maths! Who would’ve thought it! That’s why Ed’s coffees look so good!  …

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How can you get into CrossFit?!

By Jack | 10th August 2017

For around the last 5 years I have been involved with different affiliates around the UK and visited many around the world! The amazing thing about CrossFit is that every single gym you go to will be slightly different. Whether thats the design, the way its run or the way its coached. There is however…

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Are you going to the CrossFit Games?

By Jack | 3rd August 2017

Most of us use CrossFit to feel more healthy in our daily life Or to enhance our performance in sports and hobbies outside of the gym whether that be football, rugby, swimming, hockey, rock climbing etc. However there is a group of athletes who use CrossFit as their sport and take the competitive edge of…

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Training the things you hate!

By Jack | 22nd July 2017

We have all been there, walking into the box you look at the board and it’s something you feel you aren’t good at. Whether it be running, Olympic weight lifting or anything in between, we all have certain exercises we find harder than others. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Everything in…

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