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Welcome to ShireFit Nutrition. Created with the drive to help people achieve their own personal goals!

The moment you contact us you'll receive your very own Nutrition Specialist who will be there to find the right path towards your goal.

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Martin Roberts

“I’d been training at ShireFit for a while and doing great but not looking at my diet. I was forty fat and unfit. Dr said I needed to lose weight as well. So I joined up to Shirefit nutrition. After a few weeks, I can’t believe the difference. I’m eating great food and combined with my training I’m losing the perfect amount of weight every week. My energy levels have gone through the roof. I feel really well. Not getting tired In the afternoon anymore. My workouts are getting better and better. I have a great nutritionist Sarah who is always there to help with anything. Plus great support from everyone at ShireFit. I highly recommend ShireFit nutrition. It has turned my life around. “. 

Penny Deadlift

Penny James

"Loving the programme, easy to follow and very adaptable using the macros. Slow but sustainable weight loss which doesn’t impact performance. Looking forward to next month 🙂"


Danielle Martin

I started using the ShireFit nutrition programme as I was lacking energy for my workouts and was unsure I was getting the right amount of nutrients to recover from training. With Sarah's guidance, I now know how many calories I need a day and how much protein/carbs/fat I need with great snack ideas and minimal fuss options for busy work days. After 3 months on the nutrition programme, I now understand how to fuel myself better day to day and my training has benefitted greatly. 

I bought a beautiful dress yesterday for a wedding we are going to in May, picked it off the rack, it fitted and I bought it...was so stress free, not the usual stress and upset coming home with nothing and worrying about what to wear - so a big thank you for all your nutrition & training support it’s making such a difference. I haven’t felt this good in years! I know I still have a long way to go, but now I have the commitment to stick at it when I am seeing such good results on the scales and in the gym.

We make nutrition personal

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Fill in the form below and one of our specialists will get in touch to see what you need and when you can have a consultation.

Meet your nutrition specialist

When you meet your Nutrition Coach they will find out all about your current eating habits, what you like and dislike, what your schedule is like and even more. This allows them to write the perfect plan for YOU.

You'll also have the chance to get any measurements if you'd like to!

Download your ShireFit Nutrition App

After your consultation, you'll be invited to join the ShireFit Nutrium App giving you the opportunity to view your program, follow it every day and keep in touch with your coach.

Start your plan

Then its time to start your plan and chase your goals! Every week you'll check in with your Coach and after the month you'll receive a whole new plan adjusted to how you're finding things.



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  • Start your journey with a consultation! 
  • Our coach will find out all about you and find the best way to optimise your nutrition. 
  • During your meeting, you can also take measurements if you wish to help you track your improvement. 
  • You can book a consultation without doing one of the plans if you wish to receive some simple help. 


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  • Receive a FULL nutritional plan
  • Including 2 different meal choices per meal
  • Access to the ShireFit Nutrium App
  • Receive access to the ShireFit Private Nutrition Facebook Page.
  • Weekly online form check-ins with your Coach.



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  • Receive a FULL nutritional plan
  • Including 4 different meal choices per meal
  • Access to the ShireFit Nutrium App
  • Receive access to the ShireFit Private Nutrition Facebook Page.
  • Weekly check-ins with your Coach either in person or via a video call. 
  • Live changes to your program based on changes in your schedule. 

Start your journey now!

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