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Our Bread and Butter. Functional Fitness at its best. Our sole aim?! Have FUN! Get involved with our warm-up games before learning about all things fitness. Finish with our WOD (Workout of the Day) where you can hit a workout designed for YOU and YOUR ability!


Think of this... Simple MOVEMENTS, pumping MUSIC, high INTENSITY!

Designed to send you into overdrive! Get booked in to chase your fitness goals, get a sweat on and burn those calories!


Train like a superhero! Split into 4 epic sections. Starting with increasing your range of motion and stability with Lift MOBILITY. LEARN with your coach teaching you the perfect technique. Test your barbell LIFTS. Finishing with BUILD where you get the chance to increase strength and muscle mass under fatigue!


If you find yourself getting out of breath easily, lacking the ability to workout for a long time or maybe training for a long distance event..... Engine is for you!

Sponsored by Concept Fitness! Using Rowing, Skiing, Running and Bike Ergs to build your Engine.

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Get your gymnastics nailed with CHALK!

If you're looking to get your first pull up, handstand, muscle up and more this class is for you!

A whole hour of perfecting technique and building bodyweight strength to help you move closer to your goals.

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Fitness made FUN!

Our Kids class is designed for 4-7 Year olds, Juniors for 8-12 and our Teens for 12+. We teach our kids how to move, throw, play and most importantly have fun whilst getting fit!