Welcome to RCVR. The most overlooked aspect of training. RCVR is here to help you look after your body and mind. With 2 variations. RCVR + allows you to hit an aerobic based conditioning session, followed by specific mobility work, all led by our awesome coaches. RCVR is a yoga inspired session with a twist. Its time to make RCVR fun!

“I started my membership over at ShireFit close to a year ago and have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the gym! One of my favourite classes to go to is RCVR with Lorna! It’s a fantastic addition to the timetable which has really helped me improve in my training. This class is the perfect balance for me between a challenge and relaxation! With the yoga style set up that the class is shaped around it is exactly what I need to reflect, relax and recover, but not without added challenges to work on mobility and flexibility! Learning the yoga along with headstand/handstand work, balance, strength and mobility has been a very important part of my training. I always leave feeling stronger, more flexible and in a great zen! I couldn’t imagine the timetable without it, sets me up for my next big class! Can’t wait to get back on the mat! Nameste”

Kristina Batten