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This brand new location is full of the best equipment, a coffee shop, and the most passionate coaching team around! Home to Ski Ergs, Rowers, Bikes and every piece of kit you need to enhance your training. Our amazing coaching team come from backgrounds of Physiotherapy, Bodybuilding and even being a cowboy! Want to have a go? Click the button to book your free trial!

I am a huge fan of all classes at Shirefit, from CrossFit to lift, however personally I have found sweat to not only push me every time, but it offers me everything I’m looking for. No matter if you’re a beginner or if you’ve been working out for years this class works for all. I love how it keeps you moving over 30 mins and offers lots of various movements and 2/3 mini workouts in 1! I have never left a sweat class without feeling great. No classes are ever the same, plus 30 min sessions can be squeezed in before work, on your lunch or after work, there really is no excuse!

Becky Reid Corby

The ShireFit CrossFit class makes brutal workouts addictive and fun! Highly recommended if you want to get fitter, stronger, leaner and more mobile. Having suffered for years with lower back problems I’d given up on deadlifts and squatting to full depth. But thanks to CrossFit and the excellent coaching I’m lifting heavier than ever and can now squat properly! The clever programming and skilled coaches enable workouts to be completed by ANYONE no matter what their ability level and injury’s they might be carrying. If I could only ever do one form of exercise for the rest of my life, the CrossFit class would be it.

Adrian Hooper Corby

Engine; my favourite class at ShireFit. Give me a bike any day of the week!!! Engine classes are a great way to push your cardio to the max. I love cardio workouts anyway so it was a fantastic class for me to push myself further and test my abilities against others in the class. The programming is fun, varied and challenging all at the same time, but the coaches are there to make sure you are achieving and pushing to reach your goals leaving no one behind. Even as a beginner to ShireFit, these classes are a great starting point for gaining stamina and increasing fitness levels in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Katie Coleman Corby

Sweat classes at Shirefit are so energetic and fun, and easy to fit into my day. I love that each class is different, with a variety of easy to follow moves which really get my heart rate going. The coaches keep me motivated throughout the session, and I always finish the class feeling like I’ve had a great workout.

Alice Gibbs Corby



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