This vibrant and welcoming ShireFit location allows all members to train & meet their goals, often with family and always with the support of our community. A variety of equipment including olympic barbells, rowers, ski ergs and bikes are utilised and programmed into sessions which are delivered with passion, enthusiasm and a keen eye for technique. Our combined coaching team has over 20 years experience working with athletes of all levels in a range of physical pursuits including functional fitness, rugby, football, cricket, rowing and endurance sports. Come in and take the first steps to invest in your health!


We incorporate all disciplines of fitness ranging from Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, power lifting and cardio, among many others. Our goal is that all these disciplines are coached to the highest standard so you will leave the gym feeling energised, educated and confident. All movements and workouts can be changed to suit you as an individual – you will never be made to do something you can’t do. We will guide you on your journey to doing things you never thought possible – take a look at some of the testimonials from our members at the bottom of this page!

We break up the year into three training cycles, each focusing on a different aspect of fitness. These are Beast, Breathe and Build – read more about these below:

BEAST: Beast is designed to build confidence with intensity. Intensity is where you get the most bang for your buck in terms of fitness – if you want to be fitter, move faster! In our Beast cycle we’ll be working with lower weights and higher reps, 5-minute max gymnastics, weightlifting under fatigue, faster workouts and building pain tolerance.

BREATHE: Breathe is our aerobic capacity cycle designed to improve aerobic fitness, enabling you to work out for longer and be able to recover quicker. This cycle targets longer workouts where you will be taught about heart rate zones and how to pace workouts. We also target longer gymnastic sets and Olympic weightlifting complexes to reduce weight while improving technique.

BUILD: Build is our strength cycle. We focus on higher weight with lower reps on Olympic lifting and power lifting, weighted and strict gymnastics to build strength, higher resistance on our cardio machines and fast workouts! This is designed to improve your strength, speed and power, build bigger and stronger muscles, and increase your lifting and workout performance.



This class focuses on the above methodology. Classes run from 6am Monday to Friday with three in the morning, one at lunchtime and three in the evening with our last class starting at 7.30pm. We aim to educate you in every class and have loads of fun doing so, and you’ll get lots of coaching time so you can develop all your fitness skills.


Atmosphere. This class is on a Saturday morning where we train as a team of 2-5 people. The coach programmes the class to be fun, sweaty and challenge your teamwork. We use this class as a social hub for the gym as there is no class afterwards, so we can all enjoy a good coffee, protein shake and chat together!


Improve your capacity! This is a workout based class where you will be training all the different energy systems! From interval sprints to long aerobic based workouts you will see it all! The coaches will be there to provide expertise on pacing and how to attack different styles of workouts for you an individual! You won’t just be sweating for the sake of it – We will COACH you to improve your overall fitness!


Get Athletic!! This class is predominantly made to improve Olympic Weightlifting. You will see either Snatch or Clean and Jerk in every session! Not only that but the programming is set for you to become stronger and more powerful with Plyometrics at the beginning and Strength at the end! This class is 75minutes long to allow more barbell time and more Coaching Time – You don’t want to miss it!!


£75 per month

9 Classes Per Month. 

50% off Open Gym.

50% off Base Class.


£95 per month

20 Classes per Month.

Includes Free Open Gym (Not taken off 20 classes)

Includes Base Class.

Includes Free ShireFit Corby Training App. 


£110 per month

Unlimited Classes. 

Includes Free Open Gym and speciality classes.

Includes ShireFit Corby Training App.

25% off Seminars.

Monthly Meeting with Coach to support you through training.


£130 per month

Unlimited Classes. 

Includes Free Open Gym and speciality classes.

Includes ShireFit Corby Training App.

Free Seminars. 

Monthly Meeting with Coach to support you through training.

5% off Shop Items. 

Choose one of the following options:

  • 1 Hour PT Session Per Month 
  • Additional 3 Hours of Personalised Programming Per Week

This gym is amazing! Coming from the States and being in a country I've never been to was a bit overwhelming. When I found ShireFit, I was welcomed with open arms and such positive gym members. This helped with adjusting to the new move and being involved in a gym community where the Coaches actually care about the well-being of their members. I love training and finding the right gym can be tough, but with ShireFit everyone is welcome and the Coaches always have an alternative movement you can do that is suited for your fitness goals! I made the best decision joining and I highly recommend to anymore that they give ShireFit Corby a shot. You won't be disappointed

Colleen Wacker Corby

What a place, what a team, what a community. I have used gyms for a long time but will never go back now. The sessions are challenging for all levels and the coaches are so supportive. I’m addicted and more focused then I have ever been. Trust me, give it a try and you will never look back.

Kirsty Smith Corby

This place really is for everybody. Whether you are a complete beginner or an elite athlete shirefit is for you. A lot of investment has been made in both the programming and the equipment. This means every class caters for all abilities. The coaches are excellent, knowledgeable and motivational. I would strongly recommend anyone try a session. You’ll never go back to a commercial gym.

Anne White Corby

Amazing coaches, great workouts and atmosphere! The only gym I have ever actually enjoyed going to! Great support from the coaches from day one and will change or scale any workout so it’s more suited to you as an individual! P.S don’t leave your phone laying around near coach Josh or he will steal it and take pictures!

Jack Newton Corby