Started CrossFit East Northants

We started in a warehouse with hardly any equipment but a huge passion to help others improve and that is what still fuels us today!


Founder Jack hired his first 2 employees

Enabling us to take more classes and for Jack to concentrate on improving our product and grow the business.


We rebranded!

Welcome to ShireFit. We wanted to create our own path in the fitness world. We wanted to help more and more people realise that fitness can be fun. We wanted to change more lives. The first step was to create our very own brand. Shire means home. ShireFit is your 2nd home.


Introduced BoxMate

It was time to up the IT game and give our members proper trackable data. We partnered with Boxmate to create an app our members could use to improve goal setting, measure their performance and follow their friends’ fitness journeys.


Opened Corby

Our fitness community grew quickly. We had a choice: stay still or move forward. We stepped on it and open ShireFit Corby. The amazing community got involved instantly and helped us build a brand new coaching team. 3 Years ago there was 1 coach now we have 7!


Introduced the ShireFit Classes

Our next step was to really make fitness a lifestyle. We wanted our ethos to be available for everyone’s fitness choices. Welcome to our new class system: CrossFit because we never forget our roots; Sweat for the intense trainers with little time; Engine for the cardio lovers; Lift for muscle builders; and Chalk for our bodyweight ninjas!



One of our awesome coaches Max wanted to open his own space. He wanted to take ShireFit to the North! We created ShireFit West Yorkshire. All of a sudden we had multiple locations all distinctly ShireFit but unique with different timetables, awesome coaches and the best equipment.


The Upgrade

As always we never like sitting still. We decided to upgrade ShireFit Wellingborough to give members more options, two classes running together, changing rooms, social area and OffGrid Cafe.