We have all been there, walking into the box you look at the board and it’s something you feel you aren’t good at. Whether it be running, Olympic weight lifting or anything in between, we all have certain exercises we find harder than others. But this doesn't have to be a bad thing! Everything in the programme is designed for a specific reason. Everything has a designed output, helping make you a better athlete over a broad spectrum. Even the warm up games and activation work have a designed overall impact on your

Why do you train at ShireFit? Its something I often wonder and as an owner I always want people to come because they love the experience and environment. I would love to hear why you train at ShireFit! So please comment below or on our social media! The aim of fitness and ‘functional’ training is that you can apply yourself outside of the gym. Whether thats running to get to the bus on time, lifting heavy items around or having the fitness to complete arduous tasks. Most importantly we want each and every one