How do you #UseYourFitness?!

Why do you train at ShireFit?

Its something I often wonder and as an owner I always want people to come because they love the experience and environment. I would love to hear why you train at ShireFit! So please comment below or on our social media!

The aim of fitness and ‘functional’ training is that you can apply yourself outside of the gym.

Whether thats running to get to the bus on time, lifting heavy items around or having the fitness to complete arduous tasks.

Most importantly we want each and every one of you to be healthy as you grow older. Not needing surgeries. Not having bad knees or a bad back and being able to do the physical things you’ve always done.

As a coach you always want to lead by example

When I started CrossFit I quickly fell in love with it and took it pretty seriously. For around 4 years I trained and trained. It was only 1 year ago that I realised I had stopped doing lots of the other physical things outside of the gym.

These things like swimming, sports, hiking and generally playing, have a huge part to play in your physical abilities. Things like athleticism and body awareness!

There is a reason we play different warm up games involving skill and awareness. There is also a reason we spend so much time working on these basic skills with the CrossFit Kids and Teens!

So what is the ‘why’ to this article?

I wanted to try and help influence you to sometimes try different physical actives and use the fitness you have gained. Im sure Kerry (One of our members who joined 18 months ago) wouldn’t mind us saying that when she joined, she would’ve never gone for a run, let alone an obstacle race?!?! Well after lots of hard work and training she did (With her son!!).

Sometimes taking the step and trying these things can highlight how far you have come. We already have such a vast array of members that use their fitness through:

  • Running/Obstacle racing
  • Team sports like Football and Rugby
  • Golf, Tennis and Hockey
  • Climbers and Mountaineers
  • Cycling and Hiking

We have more ShireFit socials coming up including golf and the outdoor lake assault course! Even more of a chance to #UseYourFitness. It is amazing watching all of you improve physically and mentally through your own hard work. So make sure you use it occasionally.

If you ever get a free Sunday look to try something new! We love seeing all the different things you have been up to and it often helps inspire others. So make sure you upload it and tag us in it, so we can spread the word!

Keep being an amazing part of our community, keep improving, keep creating memories and keep using your fitness!

Proud Coach!

Jack Fleckney

Use Your Fitness

  • Michael higham
    13th July 2017

    I personally joined shirefit to improve my day to day fitness. Through shirefit you can achieve any level of fitness you really desire. The programming in place really caters to everyone and it is just down to how hard you are willing to push yourself. I havent yet made the most of this but I have also had a massive improvement in mental health which I can definitely thank shirefit for!

  • Kerry
    14th July 2017

    Yes you are right I’d never have attempted the obstacle course before I did Crossfit. When I joined 18 months ago I hadn’t done any exercise for years, luckily Jack recognised what I could do rather than what I couldn’t and encouraged me all the way. I am now fitter and stronger than I’ve been for years. With the encouragement of the coaches and the other members I’ve achieved things I never thought I could, it’s a great community. I’d recommend anyone to join Shirefit and give Crossfit a go.

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