How can you get into CrossFit?!

For around the last 5 years I have been involved with different affiliates around the UK and visited many around the world!

The amazing thing about CrossFit is that every single gym you go to will be slightly different. Whether thats the design, the way its run or the way its coached.

There is however one thing that every affiliate has in common. They all receive the following via email, messages and calls:

‘Hi! I would love to try CrossFit although I think I’m not fit enough’

CrossFit is portrayed in many different ways in the media and one of the most dominant ways is that if you do CrossFit…. Youre a machine and its not for the average person.

As an affiliate owner one of my main aims is to educate people that you can do CrossFit whatever your ability. We always want people to train with us that haven’t had prior training experience or people that aren’t machines, because I have seen the physical and psychological benefit it has made.

For example over 85% of our members had never even tried CrossFit before walking through our door.

Our job at ShireFit is to help you, no matter what ability, no matter who you are!

So this moves us onto the main question! How do you get into CrossFit?

The first step is to contact us or your local CrossFit gym. CrossFit gyms are always close knit teams who are personable. So send them an email, give them a call and be honest. If you’re worried or have queries then please say. We love answering questions and helping as much as we can.

Once you’ve done this you’ll be invited to a taster class! At ShireFit you’ll instantly be brought into our community. Meeting our members in your class, joining in and meeting all of our staff.

The biggest fear we often hear about (as we said above) is that people feel they aren’t good enough to do CrossFit. I can tell you know without doubt…. You are!! Everything we do, our programming, our coaching, our classes are designed to be accessible to everyone. From the machines to a 70 year old who has never trained before (Yes we do have a 70 year old who has never trained before… and she is awesome!).

Every session can be adapted and scaled to meet different needs. Trust me, you’ll quickly realise its true.

So here are some top tips for getting into CrossFit

  1. Get to know everyone. The best thing about crossFit and especially ShireFit is the friends you’ll make and the social environment
  2. Technique is paramount! Even if you have trained before, our coaches job is to make sure you understand how to move well. Sometimes that might mean lifting lighter than you think you can, or spending more time on the basics. This is a good thing!
  3. Be ready to learn and work hard. CrossFit is for all abilities, but that doesn’t mean you won’t work hard. Through hard work you get results. Real results.

One of our members Anna offers advice to new members!

‘Dont compare yourself to others’

Its easy on your first few weeks to see others that have been training for a long time and feel like you’re not good enough! Don’t forget they were once in your shoes and it never matters how good or bad you think your are.

‘By scaling something you’re not making it easier’

Something I have definitely seen is that people think by scaling something you’re making it easier and it makes you look silly! Again everybody has been in your shoes. Our teams aim is that during a class everyone gets the same output from a session.

One thing that really sets ShireFit apart from others is the support all of our members give each other! As our very own King David says;

‘Always look to help others, as they will be there to help you to’

There will always be a time when you’ll need help in a WOD

By helping others accomplish goals you get the reward of knowing you helped them achieve it and I guarantee they will be there to help you as well!

Ollie has been with us for 2 years now and has some awesome tips!

To get the most out of the environment and the training you need to be consistent. Be patient as your hard work will always pay off and my final tip…. Don’t cherry pick workouts as you’ll find you’ll stop improving. Always embrace the things you don’t like doing and try and be positive about them ….like me ????!

Finally our current member of the month Emma joined us with no prior training experience at all!

“Most people think there is a huge competition aspect in CrossFit and I quickly realised there wasn’t at all. Quite the opposite!”

We always want the class environment to bring out the best in you. But we will let you into a little secret….. we honestly don’t care who won a workout or who did the best. We just care if you have tried your hardest.

With improvement comes the need to push yourself.

“Be willing to try things outside of your comfort zone”

You only ever realise and learn your capabilities when you do things you’ve never done before.

At ShireFit we have a huge emphasis on the social side of training. If we can create a fun, social environment for you to train, you’re really going to get the most out of every session.

“Throw yourself into the social aspect of CrossFit”

Come along to the social events we hold.Even if you don’t know anyone as you’ll soon make new friends and experiences.

But I thought id leave the most important tip until last?!?!?!?!

From our very own Emma!

“Buy decent shoes! Not only do they help you perform during weightlifting and WODs, they can make you look fabulous….”

Thank you for your input team. One the entrance to the gym we have a small sign which I think sums up ShireFit and hopefully all CrossFit Gyms.

If you have any questions or queries you can comment below and we will answer away!