The Science Of Coffee

There’s a lot more that goes in to a cup of coffee than what you see.

It’s not just Grind, Pour and Serve to get the best caffeine fix around! To get the perfect Espresso shot (Not, Expresso) it requires maths, actual maths! Who would’ve thought it! That’s why Ed’s coffees look so good!


So what makes a perfect Espresso?

First of all, you need top quality beans and that’s where we can thank The Roastery at Bella Barista.  Their beans are roasted locally and typically the day before purchase ensuring they are fresh and ready to grind! Once the beans are loaded in to the grinder, this is where the maths begins…..

You need 18 grams of grinded coffee to produce the correct shot volume of 55-60ml. once extracted, the shot should take 28 seconds and then, you have your perfect Espresso.

With the ratio of 18g:60ml:28s, you can’t go wrong! In this shot, you should see a tiger print in the cream and little black spots, this is when you are ready to drink, add water or more impressively, start your latte art.

What is Latte art?

Latte art is the formation of milk mixing with the espresso shot in the cup. The type of pattern can depend on a number of factors in order to produce a beautiful looking hot beverage! Unless Ash makes your coffee in which case it won’t look beautiful. To get the milk to optimum use, we use the steam wand on the machine.

There are three stages to getting the milk perfect, those are; stretching, swirling and heating. These must be done simultaneously to reach the ideal latte art milk quality.



Stretching the milk increases volume, swirling the milk keeps the blend and reduces large bubbles and heating, well that’s obvious, it just gets hotter! These stages should produce a glossy looking creamy milk which is ready to pour!

This is ‘The Science Of Coffee’!!

So now you have your perfect coffee, you can sit and relax with the best community in the whole World!! #TeamShireFit


If you have any questions about our coffee then feel free to ask away!!

King Barista Josh! 

  • Lindsay
    20th August 2017

    I love an iced coffee with a shot of syrup , however, I am about to embark on a quest for a slimmer me…the one before I got ill…so…is there such a thing as a low cal/no sugar syrup? If there is – could you invest? ????X

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