There’s a lot more that goes in to a cup of coffee than what you see. It’s not just Grind, Pour and Serve to get the best caffeine fix around! To get the perfect Espresso shot (Not, Expresso) it requires maths, actual maths! Who would’ve thought it! That’s why Ed’s coffees look so good!   So what makes a perfect Espresso? First of all, you need top quality beans and that’s where we can thank The Roastery at Bella Barista.  Their beans are roasted locally and typically the day before purchase ensuring they are

For around the last 5 years I have been involved with different affiliates around the UK and visited many around the world! The amazing thing about CrossFit is that every single gym you go to will be slightly different. Whether thats the design, the way its run or the way its coached. There is however one thing that every affiliate has in common. They all receive the following via email, messages and calls: ‘Hi! I would love to try CrossFit although I think I'm not fit enough’ CrossFit is portrayed in many different ways

Most of us use CrossFit to feel more healthy in our daily life Or to enhance our performance in sports and hobbies outside of the gym whether that be football, rugby, swimming, hockey, rock climbing etc. However there is a group of athletes who use CrossFit as their sport and take the competitive edge of what we do every day in the gym to a whole new level. While the upcoming CrossFit Games and all the media around it will hopefully expose CrossFit to a whole new audience it’s important to remember