How I Became The King Barista!

I first walked through the doors to ShireFit (CFEN back then!) way back in 2015.

It was the day after my 18th birthday and what a treat I was in for! My first session hitting the lunch time class, I was introduced to rowling and a 1 rep max front squat. A throwback to writing our PB’s with bits of chalk. Putting our own names on the board in whatever size we wanted. Those were the days. Little did I know that very quickly I would become addicted to the pain and suffering that Jack puts us through. Otherwise known as “GAINZ” which left me with no option but to sign up!

The months June through to September, CrossFit was used as strength and Conditioning alongside my Judo training leading up to competitions to improve overall power output and strength.

As many of you know, I am a judo expert so think twice before hopping over the front desk! Then in September I went off to university and had to leave this immense gym behind. Immediately I was crying myself to sleep. Missing the ‘Big Dog’, my mum and topless sweaty cuddles with the one and only Paul Lambert on a Hero WOD Sunday. A few months later and I was back! Seeing the improvements people had made, all the new faces, and the new additions to the gym I was buzzing to join back up again. During this time I was working nights struggling through every session. But GAINZ were chased alongside the evening crews and I was preparing to go back to university.

Fast forward to April, I’m back home and looking for work!

Application after application I hadn’t heard anything back! That’s when Jack approached me to be the face of ShireFit, lucky for you legends I know! I was asked to join the dream team to welcome everybody in no matter what time of day and provide the best coffees around. With early mornings not being my forte (University is great fun!). I had to learn very quickly to get up, out and be ready to serve at 7 o’clock which I thought there was only one of! Crazy right?!

Starting in May, it’s been an incredible experience and I have loved every second of it. Now known as the ‘King Barista’ (I don’t even like coffee) I don’t know what’s good and what’s not and thanks to you guys I have been able to perfect my coffee making skills. One of the worries was if I was suitable for the role but thankfully everyone here at ShireFit has welcomed me with open arms.

King Barista

The next few months will be interesting times for me. As I will be putting my application forward to be an officer in the navy!

Jack and the boys have been extremely supportive and doing everything they can to best prepare me for the process. So when you’re in, please pressure me to run and get my time down!

Thank you for being legends all day every day!

Keep chasing GAINZ, keep drinking coffee, and keep telling Coach Ed that his hair is getting thinner by the day!

Josh ‘King Barista’ Murray 


  • Karen Murray
    21st June 2017

    You and crossfit go arm in arm and with all the support from a great bunch of people I have no worries you will get to where you wanna be . Jack I’m sure will get you there haha !! GAINZ lol
    Keep smiling keep making good coffee you will go far xx

  • John
    21st June 2017

    I have no idea if you really make good coffee as I don’t like coffee. But I do recall how welcoming and supportive you were to my wife and I doing our first ever session at ShireFit. That’s right Hero WOD to ease us in and make some Gainz Big Time 🙂 keep up the hard work.

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